Stop Delivery / Mid Transit Cancellation

We have supplied the steps of the mid-transit cancellation process for all references.
Once USPS is contacted about a stop delivery, USPS/DHL then contacts the next transit destination the package will be scanned to update the end destination.
Once return confirmed the package will be Returned To Sender, tracking on will reflect this information and a cancellation refund will be sent.
Refunds show within 7-10 business days depending on your financial institution.
Canceling a delivery mid transit is not guaranteed since it is in active transit.
If the package is by chance delivered write return to sender on the package and a refund will be issued. 
However if USPS/DHL confirms the cancellation, which you can view from the tracking link within your shipping email, a refund will be issued.
Shipping cost are Non-Refundable and returns are subjected to a 20% return/restocking fee.
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